Monday, 10 September 2012

Happy New Week

I usher y'all to a beautiful week.
Last weekend was indeed a lovely one

I had my BFF around , so we did some fun things ( will post photos in my next two posts).
In this post i rocked this Peplum top differently.
 I attended the final burial ceremony of my boo's late daddy, also went to school for lectures afterwards (hectic Saturday it was).

Let me know what you think about the way i rocked this outfit.
your comments inspire me alot.


Onyee vivien muoneke said...

Francy,..U Rocked it wellll..considerin d fact dt twas a burial,dark shades of colors Aяε̲̣̣̣̥ better of worn to such events,if it were to b a social gatherin,i guess d peplum top wuld mek "brain" with a colorful pant/skirt..u alwys keep it real in d fashion world,*thumbs up*..

Ify said...

Sooo Fab.

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks a lot Onyii dearie

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks sweetie

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit. Where did u get ur top?

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks alot dearie. I got the top from KemiSure Collections.

Chy umeugo said...

Always at ur best
I wanna be like u when i grow up
Kudos girl