Friday, 2 January 2015

Pink on Black

Hey lovelies, 

I rocked this amazing look on Christmas Day. I decided to wear pink on black outfit this time just to change my regular white on red Yearly Christmas Day outfit , and I must say no regrets at all lol. 

I attended church service with my younger brother and we took some photos afterwards. 

My total outfit if from my "Style & beyond" business collection and also available for purchase. 

Contact us on;

 Whatsapp / Call - 08034330253
 Bbm- 52DCEEB8

Enjoy the photos...

Wishing y'all a lovely day.

Love & Lights.

Tannalisia's day

I couldn't wait to rock my amazing dress by an amazing designer @Nubian. Belle.

I wore this gorgeous look to my friend @Tannalisia's traditional marriage in Imo state, Nigeria. Thanks Nura for styling me. 

Enjoy the photos lovelies........

          @Tannalisia de lovely bride
                  Hearty & Frances

              With @Jennifer Lamar

            Frances, Hearty & Tolu
          With lovely bride @Tannalisia

Love & Lights.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lady in Pink

Hi darlings, 

Still in the spirit of Christmas and amazing 2015 we just lunched into , I wish to bring to y'all pictures of some of the outfits I rocked this season . 

The pink Iro and Buba outfit I rocked is from @Billijoella from their E'thic collection. 

Enjoy the photos
(Iro & Buba - Billiejoella, Purse - Style & beyond , Shoe & accessories - Billiejoella )

Love & lights.

Happy 2015

Happy new year dearies.
I just want to wish y'all a happy new year. Indeed 2014 was an amazing and fruitful year, and I want to say a big thanks to everyone of you that made my 2014. 
One of my new year resolutions is never to go MIA as I was in 2014( though it was unintentional ). 
Style & beyond will also feature it's blog sales too. So get ready to shop endlessly. 
Cheers to a glorious 2015. 

Love & Lights.

Monday, 17 November 2014

It's My Birthday ....Yay!

It's such a good feeling knowing that God loves me so much. I'm filled with so much joy today, knowing that my God still loves me despite all. I'm totally grateful to my maker cos I don't look like what I have been through. His mercies have kept me.

I'm also grateful to God for the womb that bore me " my mother" I love you mummy's and May God bless you.

I may not have all I wish for in life yet, but I have blessings to be grateful for. My amazing blog (yes I'm guilty as charged.. Lol), being CEO Style & Beyond, my lovely friends that care & above all, my amazing family that loves me so much. 

Life isn't all perfect, but it is beautiful and worth celebrating for. I am just thankful for all my life experiences, all my achievements, all my mistakes, amazing people I met so far in my life journey. They all moulded me to who I am today. 

So my lovelies, celebrate with me as I add another amazing year to my age today! 
Kindly pop champagne, eat and make merry on my behalf, whilst you send the bills to me! Lol.

From the depth of my heart, I want to use this opportunity to tell you all my amazing readers that "I love you all" 

My birthday fell on a work day, but my goons and I won't fail to turn up... Lol. So you all are invited to partake in the turning up.... 
Ok I'm done! 

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday Frances! Happy birthday CEO Style & Beyond!

Love & Lights

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Trend alert: Cobalt is the new Black!

With all the buzz around trendy colors like mint green, coral, emerald and yellow, of-the-moment cobalt blue has sort of slipped through the cracks, which is weird because it is such a bright color that is hard to miss.  Cobalt blue is a gorgeously vibrant, bright, inky shade of color. Another name for cobalt blue is Royal blue. Yet despite that regal name, Royal blue is often associated with bargain basement styles in cheap fabrics, lol. Y'all will agree with me that Cobalt blue, on the other hand, sounds modern and sleek.

If your coloring isn't bold and strong enough to wear cobalt blue in your clothing, you can still embrace this trend through accent pieces and accessories. Noticed how well cobalt and yellow work together? Then permit me to say that Cobalt blue is an "accent color" (lol).
 For daytime, think of Cobalt as navy’s cooler kid sister. You can still team it with white and gold, but to take it up a notch, add pops of neon, like a skinny belt, statement necklace, or mini satchel.

What makes Cobalt blue so appealing is that it's really a season-less color. It's poppy and fresh for summer, but also elegant and rich in heavier fabrics like cashmere, flannel and wool for autumn and winter.

 House decorators also take advantage of Cobalt Blue. It sure turns a house into a home....

  These are my favorite trendy Cobalt blue nail polish colors.

 Fashion is bright and cheery. Cobalt blue is fun and bright! So don't be left out lovelies, go ahead and rock this trend!

                                Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway.....