Tuesday, 23 April 2013

1 Year Blog Anniversary

Wow! I cant believe i have been blogging for a whole year. Honestly, it actually feels longer than just a year as i have written over 300 posts. To be exact 312, lol!
On the ther hand, i still feel quite new to blogging and i have so much still to learn. I learn new things daily in blogging world,lol.
I wont forget my first blog post ever which was on the 24th April, 2012, it goes "Welcome to FRANCES-DIARIES BLOG, guys! I was craving a fresh start and a new space to connect with my friends, family and fans. I hope you love it! I will be using this blog to share an inside peek of my life, and Fashion . To welcome you all into a closer look at my life, enjoy the gallery of some of my personal photos! Love and Lights xx"
And so i hope i have given a great percentage of what my blog is all about?

7,727 Pageviews, 129 Flags collected, 313 Posts, 30 Followers, i'm overwhelmed.
Thanks for always stopping by to read my posts, for your comments( criticisms and encouragements). I truly appreciate them all.

Happy First Blog Anniversary to Frances-Diaries Blog, my little world, my little piece of the big wide online world.

This piece of cake is to you all my lovely readers, that have kept me going during the past 12 months. As i hope my blog diversify more, i thought a rainbow cake is best to offer, lol.

Happy First Blog Anniversary - Thank you for your support!

Celebrate with me!
Love and Light xxxx  


Trendy Rammy said...

happy aniversary FDB

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks Trendy Rammy.

Rabboni X said...

congrats dear..keep it up...happy birthday

JustPorsh said...

Happy Blog-versary!
I want cake!


Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! wish you the best and hopefully many more years of blogging to come!


Frances Diaries said...

Thanks Rabboni

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks alot Porsh. Please come for your cake.

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks dearie.

Emeh Achanga said...

aww congrats dear.May God continue to strengthen you

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks a lot dearest Emeh. Amen to your prayers.

Frances Diaries said...

Can you inbox me your email porsh?