Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fun with Sis

Hello beautiful people, how was your weekend? Did you do fun things?
Am presently so excited because i have my sister around, and sure she is going to be around for quite sometime...
We visited one of our favourite hangout spots on Saturday...lol, Bon Voyage.
 Its located somewhere on Victoria Island ,Lagos ,Nigeria. I love to lounge at the pool side where i get to watch people jet ski, sail,swim , and do other fun things .

Here are some photos we took before we left for the hotel.

Thanks for passing by



Anonymous said...

Hun, I say this with love. The 'bra strap hanging out of a strapless dress' look- tacky and very rachet. please try to avoid it. Otherwise, lovely pics u've got here.

murikira yasmin said...

now this is what i dont like.... i can bet this comment came from a female ... and i can bet if u wanted to reach frances personally you could.. why put the comment up like u can do better... sure, the bra may look whatever way it does but this comment is 'estrogen laced' , 'uncalled for' and in itself 'jealously tacky'. show some worded respect will you and leave a name next time .