Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Celebrity Gossip: Kim K Wears Bridal-Inspired Dress in Venice, Italy on 32nd Birthday with Kanye West

Kim K the birthday girl

Kanye West celebrated Kimberly's 32nd birthday (which was Sunday Oct. 21) with a whirlwind tour of the romantic country -- including stops in Rome, Florence and, Venice.

For a picture-perfect night in the ancient watery city on Sunday evening, Kim wore a number that seemingly has a bridal theme to it: A white, lacy, knee-grazing dress with full sleeves by Dolce & Gabbana  . With Kanye, 35, beaming and holding her hand, the birthday girl held a solitary rose.

Looks like exchange of vows

Congrat to the couple...heheheheh!!!

What doyou think about Kim's dress?

Hot or Hmmm?

But as a fashion junkie,it's a total hmm for me. Lately, her fashion sense lately has been pathetic!


LPS said...

hahahaha@ congrats to the couple! Kanye loves her dress sense that way babes.hehe

Frances Diaries said...

I guess so dearie, it just sucks lol. Good for them still.

chiazor anyadubalu said...

Its been one flup of a wardrobe since kanye changed her wardrobe! Its a naaaaaaa for me the dress ain't doing nuffin for her! I don't like a guy changing his lady's wardrobe

Frances Diaries said...

Azor dear , am just SMH for her.Its her game anyway.

Dami Akinyemi said...

i hate the dress! i love kim, but that dress??..nah!

amylicious said...

The lace ish is jus too draamatic. She seems 2be over tins nowadays. Confused babe.lol

Frances Diaries said...

My point exactly, her fashion sense lately is just a bit messy.

Frances Diaries said...

Lmbo. really dramatic my dear.