Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trad Marriage Of Life

Am excited ,oh yes i am, because am so happy featuring on my blog today, one of God created damsels. She is so pretty in and out. No other person than "My Mummy as i always call her, an Epitome of beauty, Half Cast in Ozubulu, CHRISTIE" . She is also the CEO La Bonita Hair oh yes. I celebrate she and her Hubby Chibueze, a.k.a Alhaji Rain Maker hehehhe oh yes.

Their Journey started 4years ago in University Of Lagos (Unilag), when Chubby as we all call him, found beautiful Christie. Four years after they are married. Oh such a lovely combo.
Christie's bride price was paid on the Friday 26th october, 2012 at her father's compound in Ozubulu Anambra State, Nigeria.
On 27th October morning, we got this beautiful gift of Dorothy Perkins envelope purses from our bride. She rocks.

The bride's Ashoebi ladies all dressed gorgeously in this gold and red Sample Lace. I was among the Ashoebi ladies, and we rocked.

Getting Dressed

Sharon & Frances

Sharon, Feranmi, Frances & Stella

I & Bride Rocking Her First Outfit
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Beautiful Bride


Sharon & Frances

Bride possed with some Ashoebi ladies wearing their first outing

Frances & Karen

                              Tutu & Frances                                   Frances

L-R: Feranmi, Tutu, Faith, Bride, Frances, Karen & ...

                Frances, Faith & Sharon                      Sharon & Frances

I & Wonderful Groom

L-R: Frances, Julie (bride's sister), Uche of Uc Fittables

R-L: Sharon, Bride's Mum, Frances & Faith

I & sharon

Bride getting dressed for second outing

                                                Waiting for Bride's second outing

Bride set out to look for her hubby with the wine in her hand

Yay She found Him

The Couple kneeling before Bride's family for prayers

The Couple kneeling before Groom's family for prayers

L-R: Frances, Bride & Chidinma (Bride's Sis-in-law)

Bride digging it

Oya Komole ( dance , dance,dance)

Tired us (It was all worth it)
Frances, Chidinma & Sharon

A big congrats to Mr & Mrs Chibueze Oguadinma


Thanks for passing by.


LPS said...

Nice one...I almost thot I was on BN. Well done babes.

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks a lot Lps. God bless you.

Ada Denco said...

pretty frances, beautiful photos, colorful attires...hml to the couple!

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks alot dearie

Dami Akinyemi said...

aww..making me wanna get married! i love the aso-ebi

Frances Diaries said...

thanks a lot Dami. Soonest we also will be celebrated,amen.

Chy umeugo said...

So colourful
Frances always at her best
One day i bet u gonna show my wedding pix here
Kudos girl

Frances Diaries said...

Aww thanks alot, i appreciate you. And yes i must celebrate you on my blog soonest, just dont hesitate to forward the photos to me.

Anonymous said...

I had to comment! The groom's sister is my friend(Chidinma) :D call me a famzer, we're heading to Nnewi for hers next weekend. Hope u'd be there

Anonymous said...

Awww Frances lovely pics and I like the way you told ur
story..... @tallblackberry

Anonymous said...

Awww Frances lovely pics and I like the way you told ur
story..... @tallblackberry

Anonymous said...

Awww Frances lovely pics and I like the way you told ur
story..... @tallblackberry

Frances Diaries said...

Aww , thanks a lot for passing by dearest famzer. 24th it is . I will come if work permits me.

Frances Diaries said...

Thanks my lovely Tallberry.