Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Vals Dinner

Hello lovely people, its another lovely week and dont forget we are stil in a month on love. Hope y'all enjoyed your Vals day celebration? O h i did too, as my wonderful bestie took me out for dinner at Four Points By Sheraton .

We dined and wined, lovely music, the excitement on people's faces wowed my evening too.
I wont forget to hint you on the drama that happened. My bestie got me angry early in the day, so i guess he wanted a make up lol. Tears dropped down my cheeks as he apologised, the management saw us via the camera, and thought he enganged me (oh i wish lol), they brought us two glasses of champagne, and congratulated us.

Oh well we cheered to their assumption. It all made our evening worth while.

Thanks bestie for making my evening worth it!


LPS said...

Haba babes, we have to see besties face now...oya repost pics fast!!!

Frances Diaries said...

Omg lps dear, i nearly fell off my chair out of laughter. Ok dear i will post his pics soonest.