Monday, 17 November 2014

It's My Birthday ....Yay!

It's such a good feeling knowing that God loves me so much. I'm filled with so much joy today, knowing that my God still loves me despite all. I'm totally grateful to my maker cos I don't look like what I have been through. His mercies have kept me.

I'm also grateful to God for the womb that bore me " my mother" I love you mummy's and May God bless you.

I may not have all I wish for in life yet, but I have blessings to be grateful for. My amazing blog (yes I'm guilty as charged.. Lol), being CEO Style & Beyond, my lovely friends that care & above all, my amazing family that loves me so much. 

Life isn't all perfect, but it is beautiful and worth celebrating for. I am just thankful for all my life experiences, all my achievements, all my mistakes, amazing people I met so far in my life journey. They all moulded me to who I am today. 

So my lovelies, celebrate with me as I add another amazing year to my age today! 
Kindly pop champagne, eat and make merry on my behalf, whilst you send the bills to me! Lol.

From the depth of my heart, I want to use this opportunity to tell you all my amazing readers that "I love you all" 

My birthday fell on a work day, but my goons and I won't fail to turn up... Lol. So you all are invited to partake in the turning up.... 
Ok I'm done! 

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday Frances! Happy birthday CEO Style & Beyond!

Love & Lights

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