Monday, 30 April 2012

lpm here at last

Hello beautiful people , sure you all had a great weekend . i sure did too.
The long awaited April edition of lpm has finally come and gone.
First i took some home photos before heading to GET ARENA, also went with the company of my two friends Somti and Glads. we had fun.

Guess what's in

Off we go.....

One of my favourite stands .

 Lilian Nosiri & I a colleague & friend

lovely Carol CEO Sisi Eko


More photos coming soon.

I apologise for some of the photos that arent so clear, am working on getting a clearer photos

love y'all who read & comment on my posts.

                                                                 jacket: Denin
                                          short: Zara basic
                                          wrist watch:Monc blanc


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Honey Bunch said...

My darling u re looking hott as usual. Pls dont 4get my own accessories and perfume!! Keep it up gal