Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ay Easter Show

Wishing you all a happy Sunday, and a wonderful new week.
 Remember we are still celebrating Easter, so i thought of making a post of what i wore for the Ay Easter show. 
             The above photo are'nt so clear (took it with my phone camera).

So i ran into my lovely friend Chinwendu at the show. We took some photos and had fun together.
I wore: Mango jump suit; Atmosphere Brogues; Top Shop Purse
Chinwendu wore: Asos Shirt; Boo-hoo Velvet Pant; Fendi Bag; Dorathy Perkins Court Shoes.
 I was totally amazed by the number of attendees, i almost stood althrough the show cos's i wanted to see it all lol (oh yes we were on the regular and things lol).

Wishing everyone a lovely week!
Love and Light xx

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