Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Where Have I Been?

Hello my lovely readers!!!

Before i answer all your where have you been? or what have you been up to? questions, i want to wish everyone "A HAPPY EASTER"

Now back to the question, where have you been Frances? I felt so loved and appreciated, when a whole lot of my readers emailed me, called me too and were like are u fine? where have you been? update your blog na etc lol. Thank you all and i appreciate each and everyone of you.

I truly apologize for my inconsistence in my blog posts for over one month, i really had a lot to do both at work and in school too. Am a bit eased, as am on leave at the moment, so i promise to be more consistent in blog posts.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays? My wish for you all is that Christ who is the reason for the season will bless all my readers.

Love & Light xx

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