Monday, 28 May 2012


Polka dots are perfectly pretty for spring styles, and can be worn for creatively colourful date and weekend looks, especially when accessorized with modern touches and a stellar smile!
Let’s see some ways we can go about wearing polka dots and pulling it off:
1. Retro Style
One of my favorite ways to wear polka dots is in classic shapes. Polka dots equal retro styling for me – think pin-up girls, full-coverage bathing suits and old-school glamour. When paired with items in classic shapes, polka dots can look downright demure.
2. With Patterns
In most cases, wearing polka dots with patterns is a big no. Polka dots with paisley or plaids? Hmmmmm! Not so much. There are, however, two very sweet exceptions to this rule: floral and stripes. This is sort of an “advanced” look fashion-wise, so if you’re just starting out experimenting with polka dots you may want to hold off before trying this. It doesn’t always work and can go WAY wrong. When pulled off, however, polka dots with stripes look very cool and give off that “this old thing?” vibe. Paired with floral, polka dots become very sweet – these looks often make their way into fashion magazines come spring, when fluttery sundresses are making the rounds. Here are some examples of patterns paired correctly.
3. Colour Chic
If the retro look is a little too much for you, wear polka dots with colour! Not all polka dot looks will look good with colours, so make sure to stick to a basic palette. Go for classic-colored polka dots with brightly coloured separates, or vice versa. If your polka-dotted item contains a loud colour like red or yellow, you’ll want to make that your “colourful” item too and stick to neutrals elsewhere. This will keep you from looking like a clown. Polka dots are very fun and charming when worn right, but take it too far and you’ll look ridiculous. Here are some examples that combine polka dots with colour and manage to get it right.
These are some of the many ways you can work a polka dot look into your wardrobe. You can accessorize with a scarf, bag, or pair of sunglasses, which will let you test drive the pattern without making a huge investment.
1. Limit yourself to one piece of polka at a time.
2. Pair your polka attire with solid shoes
3. Stick to styles that are Classic and not Cutesy.
4. If you choose to carry a polka dot handbag, wear with a solid dress.
5. Search out polka dot clothing with understated styles and avoid harsh colours.
6. This structured strapless dress is a classic summer favourite in deep scarlet with white polka dots. It’s a sophisticated 50′s look with an angular sweetheart neck, fitted bodice, and gathered waist look with any black patent shoes and accessories.
7. Accessories are the easiest way for women to work some polka dots into their outfits without worrying about going overboard.
8. You can experiment with everything from hair accessories to shoes.
So women, get your groove on this Season and glam your look with a little bit of polka dot in your wardrobe. Follow these tips and you can do no wrong

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