Monday, 28 May 2012


Of all colors attributed to the concept of womanhood, red is one color that seems overly sharp and bright, but ironically, it’s about the only color that can utterly project ‘Woman-ness’, with emphasis on the sensuality and strength inherent in the average woman. To say the least, red is the color of a woman.
In the context of shoes, the glamorous color red may not be a wardrobe delight, but it does possess a classy touch and has the power to transform a dull ensemble to a super bright one. Be it peep toes, pumps, or stilettos, a pair of red shoes is guaranteed to elevate your outfit and showcase your personal strength. So now that you are considering getting a pair to ‘red up’ your wardrobe, here are some tips to get it done the right way.
If you want to play it safe in the office, a monochromatic corporate ensemble is all you need. It looks divine with red shoes. Imagine a knee length skirt + a cute 3/4 sleeved top + a pair of red stiletto/pumps + red bag = super funky corporate ensemble.
For prints, choose those with black, white and little hints of red. Lime green also gives a nice zing, with a pair or red flats and a red bag. If you are a fan of denim, endeavour to ‘rock your reds’ only with dark coloured pairs, as this will guarantee you a sleek look.
Trust a red shoe to go with everything except, of course, a red outfit. With a pair of red shoes, everything red is out of your choice of outfit, or you’ll end up looking worse than an ogre.
Looking like a stripper is just one step away-  throw on a pair of strappy red platform sandals and you are. Rather, choose stilettos, pumps, or ballet flats. Red looks good in little doses- pair of red shoes with a lil red clutch bag and little trinkets like red bangles, red belt or a red head band to jazz up an outfit.
Red is already a very loud color in itself, so try balancing a pair of red shoes with black, white or grey, and let the red shoes be the center of attention.
Never wear red with loud colors and loud prints. It would court for you more attention than you ever desired.
Never pair Neons with red shoes except you want to end up looking like a traffic stop light.
Never wear red shoes with lighter denim, they would make you look a bit washed out and sick.
Never pair red with red. Red shoes + red stockings + red dress = makes you look a tad like lucifer’s daughter..
Platform sandals? So old school!- The spice girls platform sandals are better left in the late 90′s… not in 2012.
Christmas is in December, so unless you plan on becoming one of Santa little elves, a darker shade of green wouldn't be all too well paired with a pair of red shoe.

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