Thursday, 21 June 2012

50 Things you should know about Me

1. I dig God,HE is d center of my existence,the reason I am alive today , i call Him Omni Presence, All Suffient & my Impossibility specialist.

2. I luv music, all kinds, especially my naija music. Naija swaggs move me alot.

3. I have alot of Inspirational & Motivational Books(They sure inspire me alot).

4. I hate exams of any kind. When I become the minister of education, I' #Kidding.

5. I love Pounded yam with Nsala soup.

6. Am extremely beautiful, yeah, i know, i hear it all d time Lol.

7. This is a well guarded secret, i kno am going 2 marry Drake, (if I ever get to meet him)

8. I love 3 colors. Blue,black & pink.(They sure turn me on) lol.

9. I love having fun, hate boring & dull people! (Am a jolly good fellow).

10. Elders seem to think am rude cos i always look people directly in the eye.(Surely they are intimidated either by my beauty or my brains).

11. Its funny some people think am the most playful person in d world, while some think i don't know the beginning of d word play. (I can be a clown & a snob) lol.

12. I luv singing, though my voice is a bit husky ,and I'll probably never be Riri, but i dey try .

13. My childhood dream was to be one of the top 10 designers in Naij.Am yet to start my clothing line though (God is my strength).
14. I once thought i was heart broken, but i got over it the next day. Wierd?

15. I luv meat, but i have to reduce it for the fear of gout!(i know some of my friends are smilling now.

16. Nothing turns me off in a guy like bad English, its disgusting, especially wen he thinks he's just IT!

17. I hate it wen guys think they are God's gift 2 women just cos they're fine. Its crazy!

18. Before i hang out wit a guy, he must be cute, a sharp dresser with a sense of humour!

19. I have a perfect picture of my future husband, incase the JOE plan fails. Lol.
20. I luv Fashion. Am a fashion Junky.
21. I hate maths and anything related to it!(Used to love it anyways).

22. I hate banking, oh Yes am a funky banker! (sure will put food on the table).

23. My greatest fashion statement is my makeup and my hair.(everything though).

24. I like money. It answereth all things (yeah say what you like, who doesn't like it anyway?)

25. Am really into jewelries,(am a great Fashionista).

26. I love the simple things of life!(though can be sophisticated at times).

27. Am not really photogenic & yet i have d best smile ever because of my very sexy lips!(cameras are scared of my beauty)lol.

28. I love kids, am gonna have loads of them. Lol.

29. I don't do much of flowers,so guys don't waste your money,take me shopping instead.*winks* hehehe.

30. I've always wanted 2 visit Venice in Malaysia.

31. I hardly forget birthdays, so i wonder how people always forget mine. (not really though). Its 17th November, just in case your wondering).

32. I love taking long walks, it helps clear my head.

33. I love Apples.

34. I think am romantic. If the mood is right.

35. Am hydrophobic.

36. I have 3 teddies. I don't think they'll want their names made public, they're kinda shy.

37. Am not as stubborn as i like to think i am, although people think otherwise.

38. I like romantic guys.Yeah i know, i know, this shit is over rated,and he should be occasionally spontaneous.(note d occasionally).

39. I don't do much of ice cream!(else for special reasons though) lol.

40. I love to work.workaholic (i wish).

41. I absolutely cannot do without my phone, no sir!

42. I rarely get angry, i guess am just really nice.( i wish)

43. Am a very good listener.(can be impatient though).

44. I speak Ibo language fluently (mother tongue).
45. I hate Osaze Odemnwingie. he was supposed to be my future husband, then he went and married some white girl. *hiss*lol.

46. I do alcohol.(not much though else i want to get drunk with my bf).

47. I hate ironing, that is why i wear jeans n tops often. They do not really require ironing.

48. I get bored easily.

49. Am going to become a star, its not an option!

50. I totally rep Naija. Yes boss! (God bless Nigeria)

Thanks for passing by.



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Anonymous said...

Lol....I av been going through your blog...nice one u got here...keep it up n one day u will surely become a star dat u are

Frances Diaries said...

ThAnks for passing by dear. As for Osaze we will see to that. Lol

Frances Diaries said...

Am so humbled dearie. Thanks alot.

Sazi Efionayi said...

lol,lovely details...thanks for stopping by my blog,xoxo

Frances Diaries said...

Your always welcome Sazi and thanks too.