Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We Rocked it!!!

Hi People, i sincerely apologise for haven't blogged lately, Its been a bit hectic at work lately. I promise to be back full time soonest. This post has been hanging in my box without my notice, apologies please. I love you all!

Hello lovely people, truly it has  been a very busy week for me , but i have to quickly make this post before the weekend starts. It was a very busy for me too last weekend , but i still squeezed out time to have fun. I attended a friend's birthday Party which held at Club Aura , on the island.
On my way i stopped by at 'Debaonairs' to get some Pizza, had Club Pizza and it was too good ..lol.More photos when you continue........................

Oh yes i enjoyed my Club Pizza...lol

Now i  got to Hotel room to meet up with the celebrant and some other of my friends, Its really been long we saw each other, so it was also a kind of reunion party for us too..lol.
(Please dont mind the bathroom background....lol)

Delphine(celebrant), Kachi, Frances
Girls ready to step out and have fun

Stepping out

Gift Of Perfumes...lol

Girls just wanna have fun.lol

Oh yes i was in Rocking mood..lol

Oh they possed (didnt know that ..lol)

Celebrate bagged alot of gifts

Gifts Of Wrist Watches...lol.

Thanks for passing by Sweeties.

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LPS said...

I love you top..please where did you get it from?

Emeh Achanga said...

wow..love the shorts..u rock..nice skin tone too

Frances Diaries said...

SHop lps rocks babes lol

Frances Diaries said...

thanks alot sweetie for your comment and compliment