Monday, 28 May 2012


Hello lovely people,surely this trend is here to stay, as it keeps getting hotter on the streets. I realized that as days go by. Am so in love with this trend “color-blocked outfit” as fashionistas call it. As a fashionista i find it so easy to do a nice combo in this trend. Here’s Funms’ Simple guide to pulling it off.
Remember the color chart in primary school? 
Yes that one. Still happy you listened in class? Well you can use that knowledge to help you with mixing your colors. The colors at the center of the wheel are Primary colors; Red, Yellow and Blue. By mixing equal amounts of the primary colors you get Secondary colors, the inner ring. By mixing the primary colors with the secondary colors you get the outer ring, tertiary colors.
Simple? Good…. 
The secret to pulling it off is choosing shades that are the direct opposites on the wheel. Try clashing pink and yellow, or orange and blue to create the most effective blocking effect. DO: Choose shades that have the same level of intensity. You can’t team bright yellow with extra dull purple – make sure that each piece has the same amount of ‘oomph’, otherwise the look will be unbalanced.
DON’T: Add prints, stripes, floral or patterns of any kind when color blocking an outfit –
Here are some ways to pull this off

Go ye forth and color block!
 Remember, there is a big difference between color blocking and color riot!

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